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Road Safety


Road Safety


On Indian roads, one valuable life is lost every four minutes. Human errors, environmental elements, and behavioral factors contribute to road accidents. According to a recent study, the leading causes of road accidents in India are overspeeding, non-usage of helmets and seat belts, overloading, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and distracted driving like the use of mobiles. Sarvejana will raise its voice to increase awareness of road accidents to reduce them by 5% over the next 10 years. We'll work from the forte of being First responders, preventive care, road safety, and collaborate with the central and state governments, among several other areas. We will begin by identifying the intervention area and conceptualizing and implementing the solution.... more

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What is the eligibility of an organisation to collaborate under STOP?

Any organisation interested to step into the forte of Road Safety may approach Sarvejana to join hands and work together.

How can I collaborate under STOP initiative?

Please click on the collaborate button on the website and fill in the details or if write to us with your interest to info@sarvejanafoundation.com or call +91 9709799799 for more details.

How do I volunteer for STOP initiative?

Please write to us at info@sarvejanafoundation.com or call +91 9709799799 and share the details, you will be informed at the right time to volunteer.

How do I donate to STOP?

You can donate online and inform us the details of your donation by writing to us at info@sarvejanafoundation.com or call +91 9709799799 for details on project specific donations.