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Research & Education


“The Sarvejana Hip Academy for Research and Education (SHARE) is a vertical under the aegis of the Foundation dedicated to improving hip academics and research in India. Several surgeons lack the requisite training, clinical experiences, and facilities to undertake hip surgeries. Dr. AVGR himself experienced the gap in knowledge, expertise, and access to hip treatment for his daughter, who had to undergo a complex surgery at 13. SHARE will be a broader platform to address these gaps in India. The initiative will also collaborate with reputed Organizations and Institutes to foster the exchange of knowledge on treatment for hip disorders. While the primary objective of SHARE would be to propagate the art and science of hip surgeries, it will also give paediatric hip surgeries due share.”

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“SHARE creates a platform for the evolution of hip surgeons in India”



“Knowledge, Expertise, Training and Access play a significant role for a holistic development of any profession”


Training Young Hip Surgeons in India.


Foster knowledge transfer and partner with esteemed Institutions.

Observerships & Visitation Programs

Facilitate practical learning opportunities through the network of hospitals specialised in hip treatment.

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What is the eligibility of an organisation/individual to collaborate under SHARE?

We expect some basic level expertise and knowledge with regards to hip education. However a detailed eligibility criteria will be updated on the website soon.

How can I collaborate under SHARE initiative?

You can click on the collaborate button on the website and fill in the details asked, you’ll get a call from us on further steps. In case you are unable to share the details online, please write to us with your profile at info@sarvejanafoundation.com or call us at +91 9709799799.

How do I enrol for a hip surgery under SHARE?

Please write to us with medical reports and BPL card, etc at info@sarvejanafoundation.com or call +91 9709799799 for next steps.

Who are eligible for hip surgeries under SHARE?

Children from economically weaker families who are suffering from hip disorders may approach Sarvejana Foundation to get enrolled under SHARE for hip surgery.

How do I donate to SHARE?

You can donate online and write to us info@sarvejanafoundation.com with details or call +91 9709799799 to enquire on project specific donations.